The Parish Council Office is situated in the Y2K building, Cavendish Road

Parish Council office opening hours:-

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:  9.30am to 3pm

Friday:  8.30 to 2.00

Please telephone the Parish Office on 01582 840110 before visiting to ensure the office is open, thank you.


Parish Council Meeting

The date for the next scheduled Parish Council Meeting is Tuesday 6 October 2015 at 7:30pm in the Y2K Hall, Cavendish Road.

A full schedule of Meetings of the Parish Council and Committees can be found at

Procedures & Policies.



Baby Clinic in the Y2K Hall

Baby Clinic for September 2015 will be held on the following dates:-

Tuesday 6 October 2015

Tuesday 20 October 2015


Automatic Gates

The Automatic Gates have now been installed on the path leading to the Village Halls.

We agreed to install automatic gates in November 2014 and as has been well documented the gates have been installed due to antisocial behaviour to the side of the Halls, use of drugs and objects of  sexual orientation found in this area, fly tipping and general vandalism.  We also had to consider duty of care to staff who on occasion work unsociable hours.

All emergency services have access at all times.

The opening/closing times of the gates are:

Open 06.30 every day

Sunday to Thursday close 00.30

Friday and Saturday close 02.00


Special Skip

The skip will be in Hicks Road on Saturday 10 October 2015.

For information on items which must not be placed in the skip, please see our notice boards or call the Parish Office. 


Bag it and bin it!

Dog owners are asked to bag and bin their dogs' waste to keep the village clean.  Dog mess poses serious health risks. It can carry roundworm - containing the parasite Toxocara canis which can cause blindness, epilepsy, asthma and infections.  So it's vital to reduce dog fouling to protect others, particularly children.  Failing to clean up after your four legged friend when in a public space is an offence.

If your're walking your dog please take a doggy bag, pick up after your dog and use the dog waste bins provided around the village.

If you are aware of the address of any dog owner who does not clean up after their dog, please email dog.fouling@dacorum.gov.uk with the relevant details.


Hertfordshire County Council Strategic Priorities for Rail

A public consultation on HCC draft Rail Strategy has started and runs until the 4th August. It can be found, together with the questionnaire online at  http://www.hertsdirect.org/railconsultation. 

This consultation provides an opportunity to comment on the strategic priorities that have been proposed in the Strategy. We are keen to seek views from a broad range of stakeholders and would therefore welcome any comments you may have. 

Rail is an integral part of Hertfordshire's transport network and is fundamental to supporting the Hertfordshire economy and aspirations for the future.  A new rail strategy is required to maximise the county council's ability to influence future investment in and development of the rail network.  The  Strategy 2015 aims to ensure that the railway in Hertfordshire can support sustainable economic development by identifying investment priorities for the next 15 to 20 years and beyond, which the county council will work to secure.  

If endorsed and adopted, the Hertfordshire Rail Strategy 2015 will become part of our Local Transport Plan.



Hertfordshire Constabulary - Neighbourhood Watch

Have your say on rural policing
The largest ever survey into crime and anti-social Behaviour (ASB) in rural areas has been launched in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to find out how the police can better serve rural communities.

The survey, launched by the National Rural Crime Network (NRCN), is calling for people who work or live in rural areas to come forward and give their views on policing in their community, the impact crime and ASB has on  them and their neighbours and to ultimately help shape the future of crime prevention and rural policing.

Anyone living or working in rural areas is being encouraged to take part in the survey to help build a picture of what is a widespread but often misunderstood issue.  You don’t need to have been a victim of crime to have a view on how the police work.  You may be concerned about police visibility or response, see incidents that go unreported, or you may have a local officer who is engaged and proactive.

The survey will be open until Wednesday 24 June. To complete the survey, visit http://www.nationalruralcrimenetwork.net/survey?member=Hertfordshire


New Doctors Surgery

The site foreman has confirmed the build for the Doctors Surgery is going ahead as per the planning application.  There is, however, an issue in fitting out of the surgery: at present, NHS East of England are delaying this.

The existing car park will be reconfigured

The owners want this to be completed as it has to be done in two years.

At the moment we are totally dependent on the NHS East of England refitting the new surgery and this could happen at any time.


Lights at the Doctors Surgery

The lights on the footpath from Hicks Road to the doctor’s surgery and at the back of the surgery are now working.

Vandalism is the cause of the problems with the light in the middle of Hicks Road and three lights at the Doctor’s Surgery.


The A5 Trunk Road (Markyate, Hertfordshire) (40 miles per hour Speed Limit and Variation
Order 201
The existing speed limit on the A5 through Markyate is 50 miles per hour.  There are residential and commercial properties fronting the A5 at this location and there have been a number of vehicular collisions occurring at the junctions.
It is considered that a reduced speed limit of 40 miles per hour would be more appropriate for this location to improve safety.
Hertfordshire police support the proposal.
The Secretary of State for Transport proposes to make the above Order, a draft copy of which is available for inspection by the public from 26 November 2014 to 17 December 2014 at:
Parish Office, Y2K Building, Cavendish Road, Markyate, Herts, AL3 8PS
and this will appear in the St Albans and Harpenden Review and the London Gazette on 26 November 2014.
Wellfare Reform changes
For the latest advice on the many welfare reform changes please visit
NHS contact details
It's not a 999 emergency, but you need medical help fast.
There's now 111 number to call 
You should use the NHS 111 service if:
  • You need medical help fast, but it's not a 999 emergency
  • you think you need to go to A&E or another NHS urgent care service
  • you don't know who to call for medical help or you don't have a GP to call, or
  • you require health information or reassurance about what to do next.
For less urgent health needs, you should still contact your GP or local pharmacist in the usual way.
For immediate, life threatening emergencies, continue to call 999

Reported theft of dogs
There have been a number of thefts of dogs in some parts of the county.  On each occasion there has been two vehicles been spotted:

Silver Peugeot - Registration Number FX57 WGC, and a White VW Polo.

Could you please be alert while out and about, and take extra care with your dog.  Make sure that they are properly secure when at home or on  secure leads when out on walks.

Please contact the police directly by ringing 101 if you see the said vehicles in your vicinity.

  • _______________________________________________________________________________
  • London Luton Airport Police Unit [MENPAD]
    Police officers from London Luton Airport are asking for your assistance.
    The MANPAD Neighbourhood Policing Team is a dedicated unit of police officers based at London Luton Airport.
    As part of a Goverment led initiative the team are working on engaging with the communities in the area surrounding the airport.  They are asking members of the public to be additional eyes and ears, reporting anything suspicious to them in an attempt to reduce the opportunity for terrorist related incidents.
    It is important to note that the security threat to the UK is under constant review.
    If you feel that you could contribute to the initiative then please email mpt@bedfordshire.pnn.police.uk.
    Please note email is their preferred method of contact, thank you.

    Hertfordshire Constabulary  Fraud Prevention Update August 2014

    Fraud has become a common way for criminals to attempt to steal your money. During the 2013/14 policing year, more than 4,000 frauds were reported by Hertfordshire victims and banks.

    To help you recognise and tackle fraud, Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Crime Reduction and Community Safety Department produces this regular update, informing you of common and emerging frauds that are affecting people both nationally and locally, together with tips to help you stay safe.


    Herts Police are issuing a warning to the public following a number of computer scams across the county.

    The scammer rings the victim and states they are from a computer or technology company such as Microsoft or Virgin Media. The caller explains that there is a problem with the victim’s computer, for example that it has a virus. They then either go on to say they can fix the problem for a fee, or they persuade the victim to grant them remote access to their computer. This is where a person can control the computer from anywhere in the world, allowing them access to personal files and data, including bank account details. It also allows them to place viruses on the machine, which they will then charge the victim to remove.

    During June, more than 40 such scams were reported by Hertfordshire residents. Although most of the intended victims realised it was a scam and ended the call, in nine instances people lost money to the scammers.

    Detective Inspector Danny Lawrence, who leads the ERSOU* Cyber Crime Unit, said: "Whilst it is of concern that this type of scam has been successful in a number of cases, most people are recognising the call for what it is and we have been working with Microsoft’s security team and Action Fraud to tackle this scam.

    "It isn’t a particular group of people targeted by the offenders: people of all ages have been contacted and it is possible a large number of people have not reported being called, so I would urge people to remember and share the following advice:

     Computer firms, like Microsoft, do not make unsolicited phone calls and do not send unsolicited emails, requesting personal or financial information or offering to fix people’s computers.

     All unexpected calls and emails should be treated with suspicion and if you receive such contact you should hang up or delete the email. Never reveal your personal or financial details in these circumstances. Never allow anyone to remotely access your computer as they could access your personal data and files and cause damage to your machine.

     If you do need to contact the company for assistance or assurance, remember to contact them directly by using the details found on your contract or another trusted source."

    Anyone who believes they may have been targeted by this scam or has information in relation to these incidents should contact Hertfordshire Constabulary via the non-emergency number 101. Alternatively you can report the scam to Action Fraud: http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud


    We continue to receive at least ten reports each week from Hertfordshire residents informing us that they have received phone calls from fraudsters pretending to be bank or police staff investigating a fraud on the their account and trying to convince them to provide their bank details and PIN or to hand their cards or cash to couriers for safekeeping. Although there have been a number of successful police operations where these fraudsters have been caught and convicted, others continue to operate. Thankfully, most people are now aware of this type of fraud and have ended the call. However, we still receive a small number of reports from residents who have provided their bank details or handed their money to the fraudsters.

    Genuine police or bank staff would never ask you to withdraw cash from your account, nor would they ever ask you for your four digit bank card PIN number. Beware that fraudsters sometimes ask their victim to type the PIN into their phone so that it can be checked by an "automated system"…but the fraudsters have equipment which can tell what numbers the tones mean, so dialling it in is as good as telling them verbally.

    If callers suggest that you call your local police or bank to check who they are, use another phone or ensure the line has been disconnected by phoning a friend or relative first or by waiting at least three minutes.


    Since the end of June 2013 there have been nearly 500 Action Fraud reports across the Country relating to this type of fraud - costing victims over £6m.

    Private Branch Exchange (PBX) fraud occurs when hackers target these systems from the outside and use them to make a high volume of calls to premium rate or overseas numbers to generate a financial return.

    Criminals use technology to hack into the PBX system. This can be straightforward, as often victims leave the passcodes on default settings. Once access is gained, the criminals can make their money by either dialling premium rate numbers to which they are affiliated, or dialling international numbers.

    The victims are often small to medium-sized businesses, but also a number of schools, charities and medical/dental practices are being targeted, with losses sometimes up to tens of thousands of pounds.

    This type of fraud is most likely to occur during times when businesses are closed but their telephone systems are live, for example in the early hours of the morning or over a weekend or public holiday.

    The good news is that some simple steps will significantly reduce your risk of victimisation:

     If you still have your voicemail on a default pin/password change it immediately.

     Use strong pin/passwords for your voicemail system, ensuring they are changed regularly.

     Disable access to your voice mail system from outside lines or ensure the access is restricted to essential users who regularly update their pin/passwords

     If you do not need to call international or premium rate numbers, ask your telecoms provider to place a restriction on your telephone line.

     Consider asking your network provider to block outbound calls at certain times e.g. out of hours.

     Regularly review available call logging information and monitor for increased or suspect call traffic.

     Secure your exchange and communications system, use a strong PBX firewall and if you don’t need the function, close it down!

     Speak to your maintenance provider to understand the threats and remedy any identified security defects

    Produced by Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Crime Reduction and Community Safety Department